Field trips are an authentic way to make learning tangible. Students from Grade 1 – 5 visited Vinod agricultural farm in the last week of December. This field trip was not only packed with fun, but also with information and an experience to learn through hands-on farm work. The students not only observed the process of farming but also learnt the importance of freshly grown nutritious food. The students learnt about rare varieties of bamboo like Bao Bao, Olive plants, Sandal wood and ancient plants like Kalpavriksha and many more. To their utter delight, they also had an opportunity to touch a thousand-year-old fossil plant and were fascinated by its existence. On the whole, the field trip taught life skills such as nature care, adaptability and importance of farming. The guided and interactive tour, coupled with the knowledge and information shared by the instructors at the farm, helped the students enrich their minds.

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