Educational field trip to Birla Planetarium

As a part of extended education, the students of Grade 3,4,5were taken on a field trip to Birla Planetarium on 7 February 2020. Children were very happy as they had a day to enjoy for themselves. The students first watched a 3D show on rainforests and different species of insects inhabiting the rainforests. They could see live, the food habits, habitat, behavioural patterns and different adaptations of various kinds of species. This definitely added to their bookish knowledge of various fauna. Later, they watched the space show in the planetarium which added to their knowledge of the universe and its wonders. In the end, they visited the Birla museum where they broadened their subject knowledge with the help of various interactive exhibits. They were also amazed to visit the Dinosaurium. On the whole, it was a refreshing, educational and fun-filled experience for the students.

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