ROBOX Challenge

We are so pleased to announce that the students of Grade 8 won the First Prize in the Inter-School Robotics competition, “ROBOX Challenge”, that was conducted in August 2019 at Epistemo Global School, Hyderabad.

Participating students were required to complete a task of building a robotic model on the concept of “waste management”. The robot had to appropriately segregate dry waste, wet waste and chemical waste and dump that waste in the allocated bins. Out of the 14 participating teams, the team from Kennedy (Saakshith, Anirudh, Nitish and Ananya) focused on building the model specific to stability, ease of control and manoeuvrability which won them the first prize under the guidance of Kriyative Edge team.

Besides the memento, the team was also awarded with a latest Robotic Kit from the organizing committee as a token of appreciation!!

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