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Annual Day Celebration

KENNEDY HIGH celebrates 18th Annual Day :

 On 10th December, 2022 the students Class IV / Grade 4 - Class IX / Grade 9, of Kennedy High the global school celebrated the 18th Annual Day with enthusiasm and zeal.  The Chief Guest, Padma Bhushan Dr. Konduru Ishwara.Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman, Shanta Biotecnics and the other dignitaries Shri. M. Subba Reddy, Managing Director, Kennedy High the Global School, NRI Director Dr. M. Jaipal Reddy and Director Dr. B. Sudhakar graced the occasion. Principal, Mrs. Rajyalaxmi Bhat in her Annual Report, highlighted the CBSE and CAIE Board Exam results and congratulated the toppers who received cash award from the school. In her report she read about the achievements in sports and game competitions, extra-curricular activities and various events held inside the and outside the school. This was followed by a felicitation ceremony for the students who had excelled in academics, games & sports and extracurricular activities with cash prizes, medals and certificates, for their success. The theme of the Annual Day was “Rupantaran - yesterday, today, tomorrow”. It aimed at transformation of the society through values, traditions and customs and culture for a peaceful and happy life. The theme-based dances captivated the guests. The props and costumes added colour to the festive occasion with the synchronized dance movement to foot tapping music.

On 12th December, 2022 the students of the Pre-Primary wing and students of Class I / Grade 1 - Class III / Grade 3 of Kennedy High the global school, celebrated the 18th Annual Day based on the theme, “Ullas - a journey of happiness”, with high energy and spirit. The theme portrayed that the essence of happiness through joyful living and joy does not simply happen to us. We need to choose joy and keep choosing it every moment so as to have a blissful life. The performance, right from the tiny tots. to the little ones depicted the core of the theme. Chairman, Sri.S.Jamala Reddy, Managing Director Sri. M. Subba Reddy and Principal Mrs. Rajyalaxmi Bhat graced the occasion.

The evening began with a mesmerising classical dance invoking Lord Ganesh. The cultural program was a colourful and peppy presentation by the little ones. Little feet twinkled and swayed to catchy numbers. Their enjoyment was evident on their glowing faces and cherubic smiles, making the theme of the Annual day come alive!

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