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9th International Day of Yoga 2023

9th International Day of Yoga 2023

KENNEDY HIGH celebrated the 9th International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2023, with great vigour and enthusiasm. The whole school participated in celebrating Yoga for health to ensure a sustainable life style.

On this occasion, Principal, Mrs. Rajyalaxmi Bhat addressed the students in the morning assembly and highlighted the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health. She also administered the Yoga Pledge to all present.

A melodious song on yoga was rendered by students of middle school and this was followed by classical dance based on yoga postures, mesmerizing the audience.

Then, the yoga instructor directed the students and teachers to do some warm-up exercises, followed by mass Suryanamaskaras, Standing asanas, Sitting asanas and Supine asanas, namely, Tadasana, Padmasana and Bhujangasana, among others.

Later in the day, an essay writing competition was conducted for the students of Grade 9 to A level on the topic of Yoga.

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