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Bathukamma, a vibrant and culturally rich festival celebrated in Telangana, was joyously embraced at KENNEDY HIGH the global school, where Chairman Sri. S. Jamala Reddy, Managing Director Sri. M. Subba Reddy and Principal Ms. Rajyalaxmi Bhat graced the occasion with their presence. The celebrations, held on 13 October, brought together students, teachers, and staff in a celebration of colour, tradition, and camaraderie.

The dignitaries present added a special touch to the event as they blessed the students, fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride within the school community.

The heart-warming sight of students from primary classes I-V & Grade 1 to 5 actively participating in the celebrations was a testament to the beauty of tradition and culture of our country. Dressed in vibrant traditional attire, the young participants added a burst of colour to the celebration. Their enthusiasm and energy were infectious as they came together to play Bathukamma, a traditional and lively floral arrangement game that holds cultural significance.

The entire school campus buzzed with excitement as the students immersed themselves in the festivities, creating a joyous atmosphere that echoed the spirit of Bathukamma. Adding to the vibrancy of the celebration, the lady staff also actively participated in the Bathukamma festivities. Their involvement reflected the inclusive ethos of the school, where every member of the school is encouraged to partake in cultural celebrations.

In conclusion, the Bathukamma celebration at our school was a delightful blend of tradition, unity, and cultural pride. 


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