Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

Independence Day 2019

KENNEDY HIGH the global school celebrated India’s 73rd Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. To commemorate the sovereignty of the nation, Chairman, Shri S.J.Jamala Reddy, hoisted the national flag which was followed by the singing of National Anthem. The Chairman shared a few words of wisdom about the value of freedom and how one must never forget that it comes with immense responsibility. The Principal addressed the gathering and reminded them of the significance of this historic day. This was followed by a colourful cultural programme including dance and music which held the audience captive. Speeches were given by students on how to make our country better and to uphold its honour. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mukesh Kumar, Head Boy (CBSE) class XII. It was indeed a day of celebration, a day of expressing the love, pride and respect that we all have in our hearts, for our nation.

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