Grade 1 Activity: ‘Get together Breakfast’

Grade 1 Activity: ‘Get together Breakfast’

We are living in an age of Macdonald, KFC, and Star Bucks where they only serve junk food. Today’s generation is mostly getting attracted to junk food.

We all know that junk food is unhealthy and has poor nutritional value but today’s generation can’t keep themselves away from junk food.

Keeping this in mind a “Get together Breakfast’ activity was organized for the students of Class I, CAIE wing on 1 November 2022 in the school’s canteen wherein students were asked to bring only a healthy breakfast.

Apart from learning ‘Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy, the students learned the basic table manners and etiquette like washing hands before eating, eating with mouth closed, eating slowly and quietly, chewing their food well, using a spoon or a fork properly, not keeping elbows on the table, saying ‘Thank you’ to the server, etc.

These activities helped the students learn to choose healthy food, become socially confident, conduct themselves in appropriate ways and develop a life time of good manners.

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