Cleanliness drive

A “Cleanliness drive” was organized by the Cambridge wing of KENNEDY HIGH the global school from 13 to 18 September, 2023.

On 13 September 2023, various competitions were conducted during school hours on the theme, “Swachh Bharat: Swasth Bharat”. (Clean India: Healthy India)

A Quiz was conducted for students of Grade 3 & 4, while students from Grade 5 & 6 participated in a painting competition. A Slogan writing competition was held for Grade 7 & 8 whereas students of Grade 9 & 10 took part in Poem writing competition in Hindi/ French.

Peer educators from Gr 9-10 took classes on how to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene for healthy living .Senior students of AS and A level joined hands to take out a rally on the theme. This awareness campaign helped students understand the importance of cleanliness and they were inspired to spread the message by talking about cleanliness to their friends and relatives.


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